Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes, please contact support@jaxkelly.com for more details.


Do you offer Wholesale?

Yes, please visit out wholesale page HERE for more information.


What is your return policy?

Please visit our Shipping and Returns page HERE for more information.


Where can I redeem my discount code?

During checkout you will have the opportunity to enter your coupon code before you enter your payment information.

If you are using a desktop computer, you will be prompted to enter the discount code on the right-hand side of the screen after entering your shipping information.  Enter your code and press apply.

If you are using a mobile device, you will be prompted to enter the discount code after you select your shipping method.  Enter your code and press the black arrow to apply your discount.

Please note that discount codes are only valid on full-priced items and cannot be combined with any other offer.


How should I care for my jewelry

Because everyone has a different chemical balance within their body, which will affect how various metals wear on your skin, we recommend the following jewelry care guide:

  • Water promotes oxidation so remove your jewelry before you swim, shower, participate in sweat-inducing workouts, or any activity in which water would come in contact with your jewelry.
  • Be gentle with your jewels—direct contact with chemicals in hairspray, perfume and cosmetics is not recommended.  Harsh jewelry cleansers or cloths with abrasive compounds can cause damage.  We recommend using a polishing cloth to gently remove any oils or tarnish.


How do I care for my candles?

We recommend always trimming your wick to 1/4" before lighting to enjoy a clean burn. 

On the first lighting of your container candles light for 1-2 hours, until the melted wax reaches the edges of the jar, before extinguishing.  This will allow for a smooth and even burn and prevent the wax from tunneling around the wick. 

To retrieve your crystal from you crystal candle allow for the candle to fully burn down exposing your crystal at the bottom.  Allow the glass and crystal to cool completely before retrieval.  Use a spoon or pair of tweezers to carefully retrieve your new crystal.  Once you have removed the crystal from the jar, you can gently wash off the waxy residue with lukewarm water, soap, and a soft towel.

Our arched candles should always be used in a heat safe dish to collect the wax safely as it burns.

Never leave a candle unattended after lighting.



I want to shop in store, where can I find JaxKelly products?

Please email support@jaxkelly.com and we can help find a retailer in your area.