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Sage Smudge Stick


Smudge it out!

Cleanse you and your sacred space with Sage. It's earthy scent is  known to help purify, protect and elevate energy. Light it with clear intentions and a centered mind to raise your vibrations.

Here is how we like to cleanse:

1. Light the sage smudge stick, always keeping a heat-proof vessel underneath to catch the ashes. 

2. Starting at the front door, walk counter-clockwise and fan the sage smoke with your hand or a feather, focusing on corners where the negative energy tends to be. Keep your mind focused on your intention and if you like say out loud, or softly in your mind, a short prayer or incantation.

3. Once you feel that you have cleared everything out, then fill the space with light. You can do this by lighting a candle in the evening, or opening your windows to let the sunlight in.


5"+ Handmade California White Sage Bundle


Always use caution! Never leave your sage burning unattended. 

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