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Light Your Intentions Gift Set


Set new intentions with our complete crystal candle collection. Strategically place each mini candle throughout your day's routine with the intention to remind yourself to stay positive and forge ahead.

Need to calm down before bed? Blue Chalcedony has you covered. Is your workplace stressing you out? Remind yourself to block all that unwanted negativity with our Obsidian candle. The possibilities to transform your space are endless-- let your light guide you.

Here's the list of our 4oz Crystal Candles and their intentions: 

  • Amethyst Quartz  -  Spiritual Growth & Healing
  • Blue Chalcedony  -  Calming
  • Citrine Quartz  -  Success
  • Dalmatian Jasper  -   Balance
  • Moonstone  -   Good Luck
  • Obsidian  -  Block Negativity
  • Peach Quartz  -  Inner Peace
  • Rose Quartz  -  Love
  • Sea OpalMeditation
  • Tigers Eye -  Power


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